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Welcome to Pilgrimage

You could embark on a journey across Spain to Compostella.

You could walk from your house to Canterbury.

You could cross from Iona to Lindisfarne in the footsteps of St.Aiden.

You could walk around your own city, town or county.

You could go to Jerusalem, Rome, Walsingham or Coventry and still be a Pilgrim.

If you travel in the hope of an encounter with the living God you are a Pilgrim.

This site is here to encourage you to get up and do something.

Sure, you can join a coach party or your local church outing and that might be a good introduction. But to set out, alone or with a friend, in complete dependence upon God's provision is to learn a practical lesson not a theory.

Then it is not someone else's story - but your own.

Journey to

the heart of God

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