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If you want a pilgrimage experience, where should you go?

Well, anywhere that will help you focus on meeting with God day by day.

Santiago De Compostela


In Galicia in NW Spain. The resting place of the remains of St James the Greater. It became an important centre for pilgrimage when the Holy Roman Emporer was called upon to defend it against the invading Moors from the south of Spain.

A whole network of cheap accommodation and a ready supply of food and water sources make this an ideal long distance walk. The minimum distance you must walk to qualify for your "Compostela" is 100km. Cyclist must go twice as far. Collect stamps on your pilgrim passport as you go along to prove your worth.



Perhaps the greatest destination - but also one of the most problematic. Usually best to join an organised tour (there are many operators). Church groups often lead these and worship and site visits are laid on. There may be oportunity to walk the Via Dolorosa  and other routes but its perhaps more a coach tour than a long distance walk.



When the political landscape made foreign pilgrimage untenable it became popular to walk or ride to England's pilgrimage centre - Canterbury. There is a long distance footpath which you may follow over the South Downs. You can tell stories as you go, apparently.



Coventry Diocese youth have often embarked on a pilgrimage to the community at Taize. This is a great oportunity to share in the life of an ecumenical community. 

Many of our young people have experienced the simple challenging Christian values in this place.

Look out for this Diocesan organised event.



For those of a more Catholic spirituality - and others - a pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham is an annual event.  a more ecclesiastical atmosphere is evidenced in the processions and more formal worship enjoyed by people of all ages.



People throughout the world find their way to Coventry to reflect on the message of Reconciliation and Renewal that our Cathedral embodies. The Community of the Cross of Nails has promoted the way of peace and harmony. 

Furthur Pilgrimages usng the Coventry Way could be planned.

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