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Coventry Pilgrimage 2016

From Cloud to Fire

"Come and be a pilgrim"

From ancient times pilgrimages have been an important part of Christian spirituality. If fact, one could say that ever since the time of Abraham, God's people have been a pilgrim people travelling deeper into the promises of God. Times of pilgrimage to some holy place are a way of setting our sights on God's coming kingdom as we journey in the company of others.


The disciples of Jesus journeyed from the clouds on the mountain of ascension to the fire of the pentecost outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We'd like to make those nine days, between Ascension and Pentecost, days of prayer and biblical reflection.


The main focus of the pilgrimage will be a chance to walk all or some of the Coventry Way footpath around the City from Friday 6th May culminating in a Pentecost gathering at the Cathedral on Sunday 15th May. 


We have four Bishops joning us in four simultaneous journeys in the North West East and South of our Diocese to try to involve as many parishes as possible.

The Coventry Way Route:

A short act of worship in a local church, a short bible passage, a short reflection by a Bishop, a short walk together each evening. Drop in and out as you are able.

Four Bishops Route:

Accompany one of four Bishops on Pilgrimage in the North, South, East or West of the Diocese starting on Friday 6th May. Prayer and Biblical reflection.

May 6th


May 15th


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Cathedral Celebration

At Pentecost we gather in our Cathedral ruins at 5.00pm to prapare to celebrate the feast and to be sent out in the power of the Spirit.

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