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Day 8 from Crianlarich to Sallochy
Day 5 from Taynuilt to Narrachan Bothy

Day 5 crosses towards the West Highland Way via Narrachen Bothy. Clear path all the way. click for map

Day 8  the West Highland Way all the way down to Sallochi on Loch Lomond - the path is clear but rough. click for map

Heading for the Kelvin Walkway into Glasgow.

Milngavie - the start of the West Highland Way (going north). click for map

Day 7 South On the West Highland Way. click for map

Day 9 Sallochy to Milngavie
Day 7 Inveroran to Crianlarich

From Loch Etive to Glasgow.


Days 5 to 8 of the Pilgrimage from Iona to Lindisfarfne 2014.

Walking down the West Highland Way along the shores of Loch Lomond to Glasgow and the Clyde.


Aidan died at Bamborough, on August 31, 651. Bede, the first historian of the English church said of him: “He neither sought nor loved anything of this world, but delighted in distributing immediately to the poor whatever was given him by kings or rich men of the world. He traversed both town and country on foot, never on horseback, unless compelled by some urgent necessity. Wherever in his way he saw any, either rich or poor, he invited them, if pagans, to embrace the mystery of the faith; or if they were believers, to strengthen them in the faith and stir them up by words and actions to alms and good works.”

Day 6 from Narrachan to Inveroran

Day 6 to the West Highland Way. click for map

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