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Day 2 Along South Mull to Lochbuie 
Day 1 Iona to South Mull

Viewranger - click for map


Day 2 the hard way along the south coast of Mull. 



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Walking from Iona to Uiskein for a night of wild camping.


Following the scenic cycle route. click for map

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Day 3 to the ferry for Oban

Day 4 Oban to Taynuilt
Day 3 Lochbui to the Ferry

A Pigrimage from Iona to Lindisfarne 


Starting fron Iona on 7/5/14 I walked in the footsteps of St.Aiden to Lindisfarne on the east coast.  


After the death of the the first Christian King of Northumbria, Edwin, his son Oswald had lived in exile at Columba’s monastery of Iona, where he had been converted and baptized. Hence he sent to Iona, rather than to Canterbury, for missionaries. The head of the new mission was a gentle monk named Aidan, who centered his work on Lindisfarne, an island off the northeast coast of England. Aidan and his companions restored Christianity in Northumbria and extended the mission through the midlands as far south as London.

It was about 300 miles. But its not so much retracing pyhysical footsteps as experiencing walking in obedience and uncertainty to follow God's call and reflecting on that experience that made this a pilgrimage.


Click the link to read a reflection on this pilgrimage: 


Also published in website - just search for "Robin Trew"


There are four days to a page - click on "Pilgrimage 2014" to find the other days.

Day 2 Coast Road to Glen More(easy route)


Day 2 the alternative easy way along the coast of Mull. click for map



Day 3 Glen More to the Ferry

Day 3  alt. route to the ferry for Oban click for map.

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