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Journey to the heart of God.


So much of the story of God's dealings with his creation involve the experience of journeying.


Abram's family journey to Haran. Abram journeys to Canaan. Issaac journeys to the mountain of sacrifice. Jacob journeys to find a wife and escape a brother. Joseph journeys with the Ishmaelite slavers to provide a safe haven for his family. Moses journeys through the sea and the desert and Joshua jouneys acrtoss the Jordan into the land of promise. In all of this they, and we, learn about this mysterious Yahweh who calls people to belong and commits himself to them. "You will be my people. i will be your God". It is a journey to the heart of God.


Jesus journeys within Mary to Bethleham and then to Egypt to escape oppression. His journey into the desert of temptation, through the teaching and healing pathways to the hill of crucifixion goes on through death itself to ascension and the outpouring of His Spirit on all people.


He says "I will be with you always"


When we walk with the eyes of our hearts fixed on Him we can experience what it is to walk alongside Him here and now. We can learn what is the heart of God.





To travel with a spiritual purpose is to pilgrimage.


In a way it doesn't matter how you travel - on foot, by bike, canoe, horseback, public transport or luxury liner, as long as you have in mind the discovery of truth about yourself or about God, you are on a pilgrimage.


But you have to put yourself out.


You have to break from your safe routine.


You have to spend time seeking a God who wants to be found.


You may aim for Jerusalem, Compstela, Canterbury, your own Cathedral or holy site. It doesn't really matter. The real goal is the same.


A jouney to the heart of God.


As one ancient pilgrim said "To go is much trouble, little profit. You will not find the King you seek unless you take Him with you."


He is not far from each one of us.

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