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The Golden Jubilee of the consecration of Coventry Cathedral.​

There had been another journey when I was just a boy in Coventry.


There was a procession around the Diocese of Coventry. Church after Church received a Cross of Nails that symbolised the growing commitment to reconcilliation that has become the identifying theological motif of our Diocese and Cathedral since Provost Howard inscibed those words by the charred cross: "Father Forgive". That was a unifying journey reminding us that Jesus calls us first to be "one".


But there was another journey that had to happen for this great event to be really authentic. The clergy and people of the diocese came to realise that a consecrated Cathedral needed a consecrated people. Clergy and churches learnt again what it was to journey together in faith - you can read their story in Stephen Verney's book "Fire in Coventry" that tells how the people got ready for this new beginning.


So fifty years later we dicided to invite as many people as possible to journey on foot from the North, South East and West of the Diocese and onto the recently established "Coventry Way" 85km footpath around the city. Some walked a section each night for a week. Some walked all weekend - sleeping in church halls. Some just walked to the next door Church to pass on the cross of nails we bore. 


It culminated in a great celebration as we walked into the city centre and to the Old Cathedral where nails were hammered into a large wooden cross to symbolise our sin and into the new Cathedral on Palm Sunday.


A journey to the heart of God for Coventry.

The Coventry Pilgrimage 2012

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